At Office Environments, we work together to bring lasting value to our clients by focusing on creating solutions, solving problems and delivering what we promise while providing outstanding service. As the employer of choice in our field, we are committed to building a learning organization that cares about our employees and our clients. Explore the roles below to learn how our team approach delivers success!

Account Executives
Project Managers


Managing a team of outstanding service oriented professionals, our Leadership Team is passionate about delivering the ultimate experience in client satisfaction. Their unique management style and dedication to clients has helped Office Environments’ development and growth throughout the years. Our Leadership Team is confident the solutions we are recommending meet your business' needs, thus creating a space that exemplifies your culture, aesthetic preferences and functional requirements of your working environments.

The Office Environments' Leadership Team, led by our President Barry Bale, is dedicated to finding the right people, putting them in the right spots in the organization and creating an environment where employees can grow, prosper, provide for themselves and their families—and enjoy doing it!

Meet the Team
Barry Bale Barry Bale President
Brian Campbell Brian Campbell Director of IT
Courtney Wangen Courtney Wangen Director of Human Resources
Heather Franks Heather Franks Director of Design
Lisa Blackwood Lisa Blackwood Director of Project Management
Meg Davis Meg Davis Director of Marketing
Stephanie Green Stephanie Green Director of Administration
Thomas Payne Thomas Payne Director of Operations

Account Executives

Office Environments provides our clients with an Account Executive who is their dedicated point of contact. Responsible for the overall relationship management with our client partners, the Account Executive is responsible for understanding your business goals and presenting unique solutions to meet them. They strive to deliver outstanding client experiences and build long lasting partnerships.

Working hand in hand throughout the entire process of a project, the Account Executive becomes a can’t live without member of the client’s team. Acting as the liaison for the client, an Account Executive, with the assistance of the OE team, negotiates the best pricing, products and services for our clients. Overseeing projects from start to finish, the Account Executive directs an internal team on the best course of action for a client’s particular needs to provide a successful outcome for each project. They assess needs, provide sufficient resources (manufacturers, facility services, design support, project management, etc.) and execute the appropriate solutions to ensure budgets and timelines are met.

Meet the Team
Amanda Schaefer Amanda Schaefer Senior Account Executive
Elle Westover Elle Westover Senior Account Executive
Julie Perfect Julie Perfect Senior Account Executive
M.E. Zingery M.E. Zingery Senior Account Executive
Tracy Brown Tracy Brown Senior Account Executive
Whitney James Whitney James Senior Account Executive
Carla Voss Carla Voss Account Executive
Cheyenne Pywell Cheyenne Pywell Account Executive
Mary Modla Mary Modla Account Executive
Mandy Diri Mandy Diri Senior Account Manager
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Office Environments provides each Account Executive with a Designer(s), who will work to fulfill the vision of the client's new space, including developing 2-D and 3-D drawings to help them visualize the design. Our Designers provide a variety of services, including space planning, design development, furniture inventory, product selection, 3-D presentations, architectural coordination, furniture and finish specifications, CAD-generated furniture install plans and project analysis and evaluation services. Once the client is pleased with the options presented, our Designers, in a team effort with their Account Executive, create product specifications and pricing to meet their budget.

Our Designers have a strong creative edge, but are able to focus on the fine details required to specify products. They can balance a multitude of projects and grow with technology changes. They thrive in a fast-paced environment and always look for ways to exceed our clients' expectations.

Meet the Team
Caroline Whitman Caroline Whitman Senior Designer
Diane Graykowski Diane Graykowski Senior Designer
Lauren Fowler Lauren Fowler Senior Designer
Lisa Selan Lisa Selan Senior Designer
Sal LoBiondo Sal LoBiondo Senior Designer
Sherry Toet Sherry Toet Senior Designer
Vicky McDonough Vicky McDonough Senior Designer
Brittany Wirges Brittany Wirges Designer
Eboney Mosely Eboney Mosely Designer
Jennifer Lindenburg Jennifer Lindenburg Designer
Kristen Augustin Kristen Augustin Designer
Nooreen Aleem Nooreen Aleem Designer
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From the beginning of all project implementation, the Administrator works with the Account Executive to ensure a smooth transition from pre-order, installation and final billing. Our Administrators' responsibilities include proposal development, order placement, manufacturer coordination and invoicing. Our Administrators obtain Steelcase product knowledge to ensure accuracy in all quoting platforms. The Administrator acts as the communication source, providing tracking information for all product shipment and scheduled installation and delivery.

Sales Administrators provide excellent communication skills for our clients, as well as internal team members. Administrators process all Purchase Orders to ensure that the client receives the utmost service for their "bottom line", each and every time.

Meet the Team
Joyce Paz Joyce Paz Administration Team Lead
Peter Smit Peter Smit Senior Administrator
Rachel Hanisch Rachel Hanisch Senior Administrator
Sheri Roary Sheri Roary Senior Administrator
Sheri Collins Sheri Collins Senior Administrator
April Gallo April Gallo Administrator
Brianna Hendryx Brianna Hendryx Administrator
Kim Miller Kim Miller Administrator
Liza Miranda Liza Miranda Administrator
Anje Cowell Anje Cowell Executive Coordinator
Jesse Stark Jesse Stark IT Administrator
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Project Managers

At Office Environments, Account Executives are partnered with a Project Manager to ensure successful project completion and on-site assistance. We offer a comprehensive suite of Project Management services tailored to support and compliment diverse project needs. Our Project Managers are responsible for planning and scheduling the installation of the furniture, coordinating the deliveries with the manufacturer and the client, and handling all warranty and punch items.

Our team of highly skilled Project Managers is capable of managing projects of any size and complexity. Our PMs are experts in a wide range of services related to furniture and move management. They thrive in a high-performance environment and have a passion for excellence and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Meet the Team
Lane Reynolds Lane Reynolds Senior Project Manager
Rick Mobley Rick Mobley Senior Project Manager
Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds Senior Project Manager
Simon Ruffle Simon Ruffle Senior Project Manager
Chris Stark Chris Stark Project Manager
Megan Collier Megan Collier Project Manager
Sarah Horn Sarah Horn Project Manager
Veronica Harvey Veronica Harvey Project Manager
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Each of our Account Executives is backed and supported by an internal Operations Team who provides installation, warranty and repair customer service, warehousing and asset management, furniture refurbishing and cleaning services. They manage and allocate resources necessary to meet the commitments we make to our clients. With over 250,000 sq. ft. in warehouse space, Office Environments is able to provide and manage our clients’ assets for years after a project is completed. The Operations Team is comprised of in-house schedulers and warranty/service administrators and a staff of lead installers and crews, who ensure that our clients are always up and working.

Members of our Operations Team have a strong work ethic and an eye for accuracy. The installation team undergoes physically laboring days to ensure the client's work space is what was planned and required for their employees.

Meet the Team
Jose’ Garza Jose’ Garza Senior Operations Administrator
Summer Cuddy Summer Cuddy Senior Operations Administrator
Joe Gillison Joe Gillison Warehouse Manager
Brian Lowman Brian Lowman Lead Installer
Calvin Burnett Calvin Burnett Lead Installer
Jordan Bass Jordan Bass Lead Installer
Rob Stark Rob Stark Lead Installer
Kevin Norris Kevin Norris Lead Installer
Tony Gardner Tony Gardner Service Technician
Jimmy Melton Jimmy Melton Service Technician
Tomislav Blazevic Tomislav Blazevic Warehouse Support
Jesse Smith Jesse Smith Warehouse Support
Ron Jones Ron Jones Delivery
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Office Environments’ Accounting team provides support to Administrators, Account Executives, Design, Project Management and Operations in any matter related to finance. Our Accounting team has a keen eye for detail and possess strong communication skills and a yen for problem solving.

Meet the Team
Sharon Borders Sharon Borders Controller
Ashley Criminger Ashley Criminger Accounting Specialist
Nancy Lucas Nancy Lucas Accounting Specialist
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When you bring people together with a shared purpose in a place that supports their needs you can actually fuel engagement and improve organizational performance. With an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, place matters, more than ever.

Steelcase and Office Environments can help you create places that amplify the performance of your people, teams and enterprise. This is who we are. It's also what we do.

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