At Office Environments, we work together to bring lasting value to our clients by focusing on creating solutions, solving problems and delivering what we promise while providing outstanding service. As the employer of choice in our field, we are committed to building a learning organization that cares about our employees and our clients. Explore the roles below to learn how our team approach delivers success!



Barry Bale
Barry Bale President
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Mary Modla
Mary Modla Director of Design
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Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson Director of Administration
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Thomas Payne
Thomas Payne Director of Operations
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Elle Westover
Elle Westover Director of Business Development
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Darren Darden
Darren Darden Controller
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Account Executives

Amanda Schaefer
Amanda Schaefer Senior Account Executive
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Julie Perfect
Julie Perfect Senior Account Executive
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M.E. Zingery
M.E. Zingery Senior Account Executive
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Hayden Allred
Hayden Allred Account Executive
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Lizzy Little
Lizzy Little Account Executive
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Meg Davis
Meg Davis Account Executive
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Jamie Reynolds
Jamie Reynolds Account Executive
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Jeana Ring
Jeana Ring Account Executive
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Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley Account Executive
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Abby Matthews
Abby Matthews Marketing Manager
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Account Managers

Mandy Gunter
Mandy Gunter Senior Account Manager
Vicky McDonough
Vicky McDonough Account Manager
Danielle Keopple
Danielle Keopple Account Manager


Sherry Toet
Sherry Toet Senior Designer
Alexander Dunlap
Alexander Dunlap Designer
Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan Designer
Amber Cousar
Amber Cousar Designer
Anna Stowman
Anna Stowman Designer
Erika Dehart
Erika Dehart Designer
Hailey Hester
Hailey Hester Designer
Ja'Karia Burdett
Ja'Karia Burdett Designer
Jenna Streett
Jenna Streett Designer
Jessica Veltri
Jessica Veltri Designer
Katlyn Lakie
Katlyn Lakie Designer
Katrina Hampton
Katrina Hampton Designer


Joyce Paz
Joyce Paz Senior Account Coordinator
Rachel Daschler
Rachel Daschler Senior Account Coordinator
Sheri Collins
Sheri Collins Senior Account Coordinator
Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green Senior Account Coordinator
George Aquilante
George Aquilante Account Coordinator
Jacque Lansdowne
Jacque Lansdowne Account Coordinator
Kiara Mayo
Kiara Mayo Account Coordinator
Kris Brock
Kris Brock Account Coordinator
Margot Quinton
Margot Quinton Account Coordinator
Marla Priester
Marla Priester Account Coordinator
Melissa Ford
Melissa Ford Account Coordinator
Anje Cowell
Anje Cowell Executive Coordinator

Project Managers

Lane Reynolds
Lane Reynolds Senior Project Manager
Rick Mobley
Rick Mobley Senior Project Manager
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds Senior Project Manager
Simon Ruffle
Simon Ruffle Senior Project Manager
Travis Walson
Travis Walson Senior Project Manager
Megan Collier
Megan Collier Senior Project Manager
Brandi Cook
Brandi Cook Project Manager
Liz McDaniel
Liz McDaniel Project Manager


Matt Schipani
Matt Schipani New Product Warehouse Manager
Joe Gillison
Joe Gillison Warehouse Manager
Summer Cuddy
Summer Cuddy Senior Operations Administrator
David Kordas
David Kordas Operations Administrator
Kentrell Brown
Kentrell Brown Operations Administrator
Brian Lowman
Brian Lowman Installation Manager
Calvin Burnett
Calvin Burnett Lead Installer
Jordan Bass
Jordan Bass Lead Installer
Rob Stark
Rob Stark Lead Installer
Kevin Norris
Kevin Norris Lead Installer
Jimmy Melton
Jimmy Melton Service Technician


Natasha Nixon
Natasha Nixon Accounts Payable Specialist
Robbin Matthews
Robbin Matthews Accounts Receivable Specialist


Leigh Yates
Leigh Yates IT Coordinator

When you bring people together with a shared purpose in a place that supports their needs you can actually fuel engagement and improve organizational performance. With an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, place matters, more than ever.

Steelcase and Office Environments can help you create places that amplify the performance of your people, teams and enterprise. This is who we are. It's also what we do.

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