Office Environments' New Tagline Unveiled

Workplace: Reimagined


reinterpret (an event, work of art, etc.) imaginatively; rethink.

For the past 38 years, reimagining client spaces has been at the core of what Office Environments does. Not just the work we do, but how we work internally as well: reimaging teamwork and constantly evolving to be better for our employees and clients. Our new tagline, workplace: reimagined, was thoughtfully crafted to evoke a sense of positive, creative change that we provide everyday for our clients.


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When you bring people together with a shared purpose in a place that supports their needs you can actually fuel engagement and improve organizational performance. With an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, place matters, more than ever.

Steelcase and Office Environments can help you create places that amplify the performance of your people, teams and enterprise. This is who we are. It's also what we do.
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